Shall We Gather at the River is Published and Available for Purchase

For all those who have heard me say I was busy writing it but it never seemed to be finished, well, it is finished and published. It is available from in hard cover. The book is published on premium, coated paper so the newspaper clippings and photos are as clear as I can make them given their age. You can go to the My Books tab at the home page here at my blog or if you appreciate efficiency of movement, just follow this link. In case some of you missed the previous post below is a Table of Contents.

For many years, this was the only Baptist church in what is now northern Okaloosa County. Members came from the eastern side of the river in what was then Walton County, from south Alabama in what is Covington Co. and from what was then the northeastern part of Santa Rosa County. The format of the book includes a narrative section, summaries of the church’s conference meetings, and a table of members and what was recorded for each. Also included are newspaper clippings involving the church, and some obituaries and photos of members who have passed on.

2 thoughts on “Shall We Gather at the River is Published and Available for Purchase

  1. Thoroughly enjoying your book! Just had it a few days and I can see I am going to be spending a lot of time with it. Thank you for giving us this insight into our ancestors.

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